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Everything Everything’s upcoming seventh studio album, “Mountainhead,” is set to be released on March 1, 2024, through BMG. This album follows their previous releases, “Raw Data Feel” in 2022 and a reissue of their debut album “Man Alive” in 2023.

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The concept behind “Mountainhead” explores themes of capitalism and social fracturing from a futuristic perspective. The album revolves around a society consumed with building a giant mountain, where individuals must dig a deep hole to live in it while facing the challenge of escaping a giant golden snake at the bottom of the pit.


Tracklist :-

Wild Guess
The End of the Contender
Cold Reactor
Buddy, Come Over
R U Happy?
The Mad Stone
TV Dog
Don’t Ask Me To Beg
Enter the Mirror
Your Money, My Summer
Dagger’s Edge
City Song
The Witness

The band, consisting of Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Alex Robertshaw, and Michael Spearman, wrote, recorded, and produced the album in Stockport without using plug-ins and effects. The tracklist includes songs like “Wild Guess,” “The End of the Contender,” “R U Happy?” among others, with a total length of 54:53 minutes.

In promotion of the album, Everything Everything is scheduled to embark on a UK tour in March and April 2024. The album’s lead vocalist, Jonathan Higgs, described “Mountainhead” as a metaphor for late-stage capitalism and highlighted that most songs are linked by the concept presented in the album.

The album’s fantastical concept involves a world where society builds a mountain by digging a pit at its foot and aims to climb to the mythical mirror at its peak while trying to evade a gigantic golden snake named Creddahornis living at the bottom of the pit. This metaphorical representation reflects beliefs in continuous growth regardless of the consequences.

Overall, “Mountainhead” by Everything Everything promises to be an intriguing and thought-provoking musical journey that delves into complex societal themes through a unique and imaginative lens.

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