Joe Budden Calls Out DJ Akademiks for Too Much Drake Coverage

Hip-hop fans, get ready for some drama! Joe Budden, the famous rapper-turned-podcaster, has some strong words for DJ Akademiks. On his latest podcast, Budden criticized Akademiks for talking about Drake way too much.

Why Budden’s Upset

Budden thinks Akademiks reports on Drake so often that it’s not fair anymore. He says:

It ruins the surprise when Drake drops new music
Fans like to be surprised by new albums
Akademiks might be too friendly with Drake to report fairly

Is Akademiks a Drake Super-Fan?
It’s no secret that Akademiks really likes Drake. He often defends the rapper and talks about him a lot. This is exactly what Budden has a problem with.

More Than Just Drake Talk
This argument comes at an interesting time. Drake and Kendrick Lamar are in a big rap beef right now. Budden thinks the music industry might be ganging up on Drake, and Akademiks’ constant support isn’t helping.

What Happens Next?
We don’t know if Akademiks will change how he reports on Drake. But one thing’s for sure – hip-hop fans are watching closely to see what happens next in this podcast drama.

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