FULL ALBUM : Underscores – Wallsocket (Director’s Cut)

Underscores’ upcoming album “Wallsocket (Director’s Cut)” is the expanded version of her 2023 album “Wallsocket” which is released on June 28, 2024, the Director’s Cut features additional tracks and expanded content compared to the original release.

ALBUM: Underscores – Wallsocket (Director’s Cut) Zip & Rar | “Wallsocket (Director’s Cut)” is another brand new Album by “Underscores” .

The album is a concept album set in the fictional town of Wallsocket, Michigan, and explores themes of corporatization, religion, gun violence, and class resentment through the perspectives of three young women navigating adulthood.

Stream & Download “ALBUM: Underscores – Wallsocket (Director’s Cut)” Full Album “Mp3 Download”.

The album features 16 tracks:
Cops and robbers
Locals (Girls like us)
You don’t even know who I am
Johnny johnny johnny
Shoot to kill, kill your darlings
Horror movie soundtrack
Old money bitch
Geez louise
Seventyseven dog years
Uncanny long arms
Good luck final girl
My guy (Corporate shuffle)
Northwest zombie girl
Stupid (Can’t run from the urge)

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