Scrim’s “LONELY BOY” is his upcoming second solo studio album, set to be released on February 2, 2024. The album has been highly anticipated, with the last solo release from Scrim being in 2020 with “A Man Rose from the…”. The announcement of the album was made via Instagram on January 25, 2024. Additionally, there are snippets and tracks from the album available on platforms like YouTube.

Scrim has gotten his fans on the edge of their seats with this party thriller. His song “ LONELY BOY Album“is already causing stirs in the streets leaving people in awe of his wordsmith powers.

This trending banger ‘ LONELY BOY Album‘ is here on FreshMediaRecord for your free streaming and download.

Tracklist :-
destination: home
a boy whistling in the graveyard
maserati slick
who saves the savior?
night gallery
demo demon
lonely boy
don’t know why
4muhslime #freethug
devil’s revenge using god’s subjects
i just hope my death makes more cents than my life
new glock 4 my opps
1st things first
north pontchartrain blues
just bc you’re paranoid doesn’t mean ur wrong
a man touched the sky
all graves go unvisited in the end
nightmare on the northside 2
chrome cowboy
marlboro country
a nice place to visit

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